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What We Do

Put simply, we help clients get digital done at scale and speed—the scale needed to transform their complex organizations to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities the latest technologies make possible, and the speed expected by their customers, partners and owners.

We consider it our responsibility to make people feel at home in the future, no matter how technology enabled it becomes. So, we are committed to helping to solve some of humankind’s most difficult challenges in a way that is beneficial and comfortable for people through the work we do, and through investing in training people around the world in the digital skills that will be needed to do that work.

Our aim is to be a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. Usin is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms.

The types of industries we are focused on are:

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Banking and Financial Services

  • Insurance

  • Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy & Utilities

  • Retail, Travel & Hospitality

  • Information, Media & Entertainment

  • Technology

  • Communications

Why us

Usin is designed to help get digital done across large, established organizations—one of the few companies with the breadth of capabilities needed to do it:


  • Deep technology and industry expertise at the scale required to transform the world’s most complex and critical enterprises

  • Long-term, trusted relationships helping to design and manage our clients’ most essential business processes, giving us the ability to spot opportunities and understand the complexities of how organizations can take advantage of them

  • An agile, diverse, born-global team that combines a massive supply of technical capabilities in India and able to partner locally with clients

  • A client-first culture of flexible ways of working, entrepreneurialism and empowerment that enables us to collaborate seamlessly with clients

  • A sound management track record of shifting ahead of shifting client needs, building new capabilities and delivering industry-leading growth to investors

Our Approach

Our vision at Usin is to be the consultant that is associated with top solutions for technology. This means that you, as our client, always will be met by professional, knowledgeable and interested consultants who are keen to provide the best custom solutions for every facility and issue at hand. We maintain our ambition with an approach that we describe as goal orientated, inspired and above expectation:


Goal Orientated

We make a difference by providing the right solutions – cost effective and sustainable. We are responsive to our clients’ needs and expectations and tackle the problems we face with a creative approach. Through our ideas, we contribute to the evolution of the industry.



We want to contribute to a positive atmosphere within all projects. Our work is characterized by our genuine interest in tailings management combined with the satisfaction of being able to provide our clients with good solutions.


Above Expectation

Our ambition is to continuously advance – to perform even better than the last time. In large as well as in small details we always aim to find possible improvements. The best way to satisfy our clients is not just to meet your expectations, but also to exceed them.