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We are trying to build an electronic voting system that satisfies the legal requirements and the challenges of anonymity for a long time. Distributed ledger technology is an exciting technological advancement in the information technology world. Blockchain technologies offer an infinite range of applications benefiting from sharing economies. Our solution tries to evaluate the application of blockchain as service to implement distributed electronic voting systems. We are trying to interlink the requirements of building an electronic voting system and identify the legal and technological limitations of using blockchain as a service for realizing such systems.

We are trying to develop VoterMetrics, our solution, as a platform for corporates and other institutions by which they can conduct surveys, track human sentiments and much more with ease. The respondents will also be able to freely share their insights without the fear of getting identified. Once complete, VoterMetrics will truly revolutionise the online voting industry.


● Distributed Ledger Technology

● Anonymous Voting

● Proof of Stake

● Real-time Sentiment Analysis