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Swach Environment Private Limited is a multi-disciplinary organization focused on construction, operation and maintenance of environment and waste management facilities including water treatment and distribution, waste water treatment and recycling, solid waste treatment, processing and disposal, waste recycling, facility management and upkeep, etc. whereas Usin is a leader in the Internet of Things (IOT) based Smart Technologies. We have signed MOU with Swach to

Facial recognition is becoming part of the fabric of everyday life. You might already use it to log in to your phone or computer or authenticate payments with your bank. In China, where the technology is more common, your face can be used to buy fast food, or claim your allowance of toilet paper at a public restroom. And this is to say nothing of how law enforcement agencies around

Let's take a look at 2017. The frequency of cyberattacks reached an entirely new level. WannaCry, Not Petya and Locky wreaked havoc and cost businesses globally billions of dollars. Each year, we say WOW, that was unprecedented, and we shake our heads in hope of a more secure future.  Here are my top five security predictions for 2018: 1. The Crypto jacking “gold rush” will be the

One of the more frustrating aspects of Windows 10 is the operating system’s ability to start installing updates when you’re in the middle of using it. While Microsoft has tried to address this aggressive approach to updates with features to snooze installation, Windows 10 users continue to complain that updates reboot devices when they’re in use. Reacting to this feedback, Microsoft says it’s aware of the issues. “We heard you, and